A man in Lincoln, Nebraska, began a DIY project during the Covid-19 lockdown to build an obstacle course for squirrels who would have to complete the course to feast on seeds and nuts. 257 People Used


23 Jul 2020 Mark Rober set up his exceptionally entertaining obstacle course, complete with slippery poles, launching pads, and even, if you can believe it, 

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A man in Lincoln, Nebraska, made a DIY obstacle course for squirrels during lockdown complete with ladders, a rope bridge and feeding jars The spectacular obstacle course is made up of poles, If you have a back year with a bird feeder in it, you know that squirrels can pose a big issue; they are constantly eating all the food. Well this guy just created the most epic obstacle course for his neighborhood squirrels. If they make it through the course, they have definitely earned their food. Check out the video and enjoy! To keep himself entertained, former NASAand Apple engineer Mark Rober built a genius obstacle course to deter his backyard squirrels from stealing his birdseed — or, at least, make them work for it. Former NASA Engineer Builds an Incredible Obstacle Course For the Squirrels That Are Stealing His Birdseed Former NASA Engineer Builds an Incredible Obstacle Course For the Squirrels That Are Stealing His Birdseed by Lori Dorn on May 26, 2020 A man from America build an obstacle course for his adversary visitor the squirrels who always eat all the walnuts in his bird feeder .so after that he decid Transcript for Man Builds Obstacle Course for Squirrels You blame anything and I don't know actually -- animal and if you were ever wondering what this phrase sounds like. The result was an eight-part squirrel obstacle course, inspired by the “Ninja Warrior” TV show.

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26 May 2020 This is a video of former NASA engineer Mark Rober discussing and demonstrating his Ninja Warrior style obstacle course squirrel-proof bird 

Man builds squirrel obstacle course

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Alright, now, here's the second angle. Also, even if you don't trust my calculations, I can assure you that the squirrels did not care. in both launch cases. They were back up on the course in … A man from Hitchin has found a fun way Retired Hitchin teacher builds ‘Furmula 1’-inspired obstacle course for squirrels. person. "I intend to build more elaborate obstacle courses, Man builds NHS-themed squirrel obstacle course.
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Man builds squirrel obstacle course

Could you tell me my balance, please?

2015-12-17 Guy builds a squirrel obstacle course in his back yard. Provides amazing commentary.
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Man builds squirrel obstacle course by 2021 the worlds population reached
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Transcript for Man Builds Obstacle Course for Squirrels You blame anything and I don't know actually -- animal and if you were ever wondering what this phrase sounds like.

Use the mallet to drive the support post into the ground. 2. Place the circular wooden piece directly in the center of the 2x4 plank.


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Some people go through great lengths to keep squirrels out of their yards, preferring to watch birds instead.